Instant & Next Day Funding Options

For business owners, cash flow and quick funding are vitally important. You need continuous access to funds to pay your bills, meet payroll demands and keep your business moving forward. Insight Merchant Solutions offers several merchant services funding options to transfer funding from your point of sale into your bank account.

Next Day Funding

How Does Next Day Funding Work?

With Insight Merchant Solutions next day funding, you can be paid in as little as eight hours.  Simply process your daily batch of transactions (by automation or manually as you prefer) before 10:00 pm Eastern. If you meet the cut-off time, your processing money will show up in your bank account the following morning. This special service is available regardless of which bank you choose for your deposits. Next day funding even works on Fridays and Saturdays, settle your batch by the cut-off time and your transactions will be deposited into your account and available for use by Monday morning. There is no limit of batch sizes, so no holds, no delays, and no hassle.

Is There Any Way To Get Faster Funding?

For merchants that require the fastest deposits and credits to their account we now offer Instant funding. Instant funding (FastAccess) can be faster for merchants by depositing funds within 5 hours of the batch time. Instant funding is an added option to a merchant account and may require meeting qualifications and fees associated with them. For more information regarding requirements for getting next day or instant funding, please call (818) 590-3162 now and speak to a merchant account specialist.


Instant Funding (FastAccess)


How Is Instant Funding Different Than Next Day Funding?

Instant funding is the newest addon available for merchant accounts. If you do not want to constantly worry about keeping track all of your business’ separate batches until they are deposited into your account, instant funding is what you need. Instant funding offers the very best in flexibility and funding control. There are no daily batch limits, but batches are limited to $15k each, providing an excellent option for high volume merchants. There are also zero cut-off-times. Process batches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

How Does Instant Funding Work?

Instant funding is the fastest payment option available. Receive your deposit into your account, ready and available, in 5 hours or less. There are no restrictions on the bank that you deposit into. Simply link a Visa or MasterCard debit card to the Instant Funding automated service, batch your transactions from your point of sale or terminal and your funds will show up in the bank account connected to that debit card. The best part about Instant funding, besides the lightning fast deposits, is the lack of cut-off-times. That’s right, there are no cut-of-times at all. Initiate a batch anytime, including weekends and holidays, and within 5 hours, you’ll see your funds in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds Great, But What Is The Cost for Faster Funding?

Depending on your processing volumes, faster funding options are offered for a nominal monthly fee based on the accounts processing volume. There are no additional transactional fees associated with these options. Your payment processing rates will not increase by choosing instant, same day or next day funding over standard 2-3 day funding. 

Which Cards Are Eligible For Instant, Same Day & Next Day Funding?

All credit and debit card transaction types are eligible for instant and next day funding. These exclusive services allow all card types to be funded faster than standard funding. Accept, settle and receive funding from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and electronic checks faster than ever with our premier funding options.

Faster Funding, Better Merchant Services

If your business processes debit or credit card transactions, you should insist on having faster funding on your account. Discover how our faster funding and other credit card processing merchant services, including our high risk merchant accounts, can transform your business operations. Call us today or contact us online and we’ll get you started with better a credit card processing method.