Business-2-Business Processing


Reduced rates for B2B and B2G merchants.

Insight works closely with many B2B and B2G clients to help get the lowest rates possible for credit card processing. Our virtual terminal will process level 2 and 3 transactions for easy, simple B2B acceptance and access to low B2B Interchange rates. Let our analysts review your current processing statements to locate potential rate reductions and hidden fees from your current provider. Plus, we’ll provide guidance in finding a solution that will allow your business to streamline your payment acceptance.


What kinds of Savings can I expect?

It depends, but most merchants see interchange reductions of 20% – 40% off of standard rates. If your business processes over $100k/month in credit cards than that can equate to thousands of dollars in savings every month. There are many different interchange rates that “qualify” for a reduction, and many savings are based on unique business factors such as MCC code and transaction size. We’ll focus on some of the more common/popular ones to ensure that we save you the most money.


Level 3 and Large-Ticket Reductions

If you process Level 3 data, interchange fees can be reduced by over 40%. This can mean hundreds of dollars of savings on a single transaction. Using our gateway, we qualify your sales at the lowest B2B interchange rates available. Using sophisticated technology, the system will automatically include level 2 and level 3 data points in every transaction you submit. By using our Virtual Terminal, you’ll qualify for interchange rates that can be over a half of a percent lower than standard rates and you don’t have to waste time entering in extra data. The system does it for you, and you access rates that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars every month.

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